Grover Pumpkin Festival

The night of the event, we will be lighting a wall of approximately 700 jack-o'-lanterns from our community and local schools as a grand finale to welcome our festival to Cleveland County and North Carolina.

The event is expected to attract over 6,000 spectators who will enjoy live music, a corn maze, hay rides, great food, lots of games and activities all day and of course, pumpkin carving. A costume contest and pie eating contest will add to the festive atmosphere, along with a not-so-haunted mansion and a safe Trick or Treating experience for the kids.

Second Pumpkin Festival Meeting

At our second Grover Pumpkin Festival meeting held on February 22, 2011, we unveiled the overall look and feel of our festival. Parts of that you are seeing now with the website, but other parts will be noticed in local advertising as well as our event brochures and our sponsorship brochures.

Click here to view the Sponsorship Brochure

We planned out our different avenues for marketing our event as well as how to attract sponsors and volunteers. So be on the look out, especially if you are in the Town limits, we may be knocking on your door to ask for your support.

The Grover Pumpkin Festival would like to thank the following people for their participation in the meeting:

  • Tricia Willis
  • JD Ledford
  • Allison Ledford
  • Kathie Ledford
  • Jennifer Goodnite
  • Zack Trammel
  • Katie Trammel
  • Jackie Bennett
  • Paulette Peeler

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