Grover Pumpkin Festival

The night of the event, we will be lighting a wall of approximately 700 jack-o'-lanterns from our community and local schools as a grand finale to welcome our festival to Cleveland County and North Carolina.

The event is expected to attract over 6,000 spectators who will enjoy live music, a corn maze, hay rides, great food, lots of games and activities all day and of course, pumpkin carving. A costume contest and pie eating contest will add to the festive atmosphere, along with a not-so-haunted mansion and a safe Trick or Treating experience for the kids.

No Pumpkin Festival in 2015

We have received numerous calls and emails asking whether or not we are having the Grover Pumpkin Festival this year. We are sad to report that we will not have the Pumpkin Festival this year. It is our hope that we can bring this great event back in the near future.


  1. Lisa Butler

    Please let us know what we can do to bring the festival back. I believe most would be willing to pay a small entrance fee or pay for the pumpkins!!!

    The kids love it!

    • groverpumpkin

      We are so happy to know that you and your family enjoyed our festival. The best way to bring back the festival back is to let the local elected officials know how much this event meant to you, and how you would like to see it come back.

  2. andrea bales

    is there going to be a pumpkin festival this year I hope so me and my kids look forward to it every year.

    • groverpumpkin

      Unfortunately there will not be a festival this year. We hope to bring it back at some point.

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