Corn Maze

Corn Maze Grover Pumpkin Festival

The Corn Maze is scheduled to be open every Saturday in October as well as the day of the festival. It will be open during the week but only for large groups and by appointment only. Corn Maze is located at 307 Cleveland Avenue, Grover, NC 28073. Map it!

Our maze is not just a maze it’s a challenge. Your challenge is to find six hidden Trick or Treaters. Follow your map through the maze to find the hidden kids. As you discover them check the boxes on your map to show the locations where you found them. The checked boxes will also help you locate where you are in the maze.

After exiting the maze, go to the information tent to turn in your map and verify all trick or treaters were found. Each completed sheet will be entered into a drawing for an exciting prize. The prize will be drawn the day of the festival, October 26.

The Grover Pumpkin Festival’s Corn Maze is the perfect way for your family, school, home school or church group to experience a day of camaraderie and fun! We will provide an entertaining atmosphere. Bring your pet on a leash any day we are open to share the great outdoors with you.

Haunted Corn Maze

If you are looking for a good scare this Halloween season, visit the Haunted Grover Corn Maze, October 11 & 18 between 8pm and 11pm. As darkness settles over the unassuming field, if you dare, enter our Spooky Maze, but beware … ghouls, goblins and even the boogie man lurk within the cornstalks. If you are able get past our scarecrow be on the lookout of the owner of the cornfield as he does not like tresspassers. Each dark twist and turn leads to screams.


The Grover Corn Maze is not too far from anywhere, just 10 minutes from Shelby or Kings Mountain. It is located at 307 Cleveland Avenue, Grover, NC 28073.

Corn Maze Schedule

Saturday, October 4 – 1pm until 7pm

Saturday, October 11 – 1pm until 5pm

Haunted Maze – Saturday, October 11 – 8pm until 11pm

Saturday, October 18 – 1pm until 5pm

Haunted Maze – Saturday, October 18 8pm until 11pm

Saturday, October 25 – Noon until 7:30pm

Open during the week but by appointment only.

Get Directions to the Maze!

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At Corn Maze on Oct. 25

Food & Refreshments

What’s a corn maze without roasted corn? Don’t miss our delicious slow-roasted sweet corn, or how about an old fashioned hot dog? We have all your favorites.

The Hay Maze

It’s not just a toddler maze, but that is who it geared toward. From toddlers and young kids will have great fun climbing and exploring!

The Pumpkin Chunkin’

Launch your pumpkin from the slinger and watch it soar through the air while trying to make it through the pumpkin’s mouth or hit one of our many targets. It’s more challenging than you think, but fun for all ages. There will be 2 slingers right next to each other so challenge a friend and see who gets it through the pumpkin’s mouth first!