The Grover Pumpkin Festival is North Carolina’s Newest Tradition

The night of the festival, we will be lighting a wall of over 700 jack-o’-lanterns carved by our local schools and community. Our signature events are what make our festival truly unique. From the Pumpkin Wall, Corn Maze & Headless Horseman Carriage Rides to Pumpkin Chunkin’, Pumpkin Carving & the crowning of our Lil’ Miss Pumpkin Queen.

All guests will also enjoy live music, great food and craft vendors, games and activities all day. A costume contest for kids, teens, adults & pets and pie eating contests will add to the festive atmosphere, along with a safe Trick or Treating experience for the kids.

Learn more about our signature events below:

Pumpkin Wall

Pumpkin Wall Tower Grover Pumpkin FestivalOur grand finale is the lighting over 700 jack-o’-lanterns. These jack-o’-lanters will be carved by YOU, our community and local schools. October 26, the day of the festival, there will be pumpkin carving stations set up so you can add your carved pumpkin to the wall. The town will provide many of the pumpkins but we encourage you to bring your own.

At 6:00pm we will begin to light the wall of pumpkins.

Corn Maze

Corn Maze Grover Pumpkin FestivalIf you have visited our corn maze the previous two years you know that our maze is not just a maze it’s a challenge. Your challenge is to find six hidden Trick or Treaters. Follow your map through the maze to find the hidden kids. As you discover them check the boxes on your map to show the locations where you found them. The checked boxes will also help you locate where you are in the maze.

After exiting the maze, go to the info tent to turn in your map and verify all trick or treaters were found. Each completed sheet will be entered into a drawing for an exciting prize. The prize will be drawn the day of the festival, October 26.



Hay Maze

The Hay Maze is great for toddlers who are under the age of 4. It will give them the experience of the Corn Maze without the difficulty. The kids will have great fun climbing and exploring! Cost: FREE

Headless Horseman Carriage Rides

As evening approaches take a ride that Ichabod Crane never would have, with the Headless Horseman! Be sure to take in the sights and sounds of the festival and the Halloween and Fall decorations. Just don’t lose your head! Cost: $10 per carriage load

Trick or Treat Trail

Starting around 5:30pm some of Grover’s residents will open their doors for a fun and safe trick or treat experience for your children. Remember to follow the trail to avoid the things that go bump in the night! Cost: FREE

Costume Contests

Pet Costume Contests Grover Pumpkin FestivalWe hope that everyone will participate to add to our festive atmosphere by dressing up in costume and entering our contests. We will have kids, teen, adult and pet contests. Prizes will be awarded for each category.

Lil’ Pumpkin Queen

At the 3rd Annual Grover Pumpkin Festival we will be crowning the Lil’ Pumpkin Queen.

More information coming soon.



The Town of Grover is a small town where the railway and highway routes of 85 and 29 cross the state line between North Carolina and South Carolina. Incorporated in 1885, Grover is only 45 minutes from both Charlotte and Greenville, SC. The Grover community and its leaders are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our region through the promotion, support, and implementation of high quality community-wide events and programs in Grover and Cleveland County. Our vision is to fill Grover and surrounding towns with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that make a place come alive. We want Grover and Cleveland County to be a place where the experience alone brings people out to meet friends, revel in the atmosphere, sense the excitement, appreciate the surroundings and feel the community spirit that emanates from the crowd during an event.

[info]Our mission is to improve the quality of life through cultural, family-oriented events that bring the community together in celebration.[/info]

We are dedicated to keeping our Town alive and thriving by providing community celebrations that truly enhance the quality of life for our residents, employees, friends, visitors, families and the community as one.

The Grover Pumpkin Festival originated with the help of local organizations of long standing and have the respect of area businesses; such as the 18 Stone Design, The Inn of the Patriots, Keeter Furniture just to name a few.

Our Pumpkin Festival has a broad-based Committee and a committed volunteer force that keeps us going.

The Town of Grover and the Grover Pumpkin Festival Is Committed To:

  • Events focused in our communities which pull together our schools, businesses, and nonprofit and service organizations for betterment of all, with an outcome of tremendous community pride.
  • Events geared for families with lots of activities for children.
  • Events which are free to the public.
  • Events which provide vendor opportunities.
  • Events which make memories happen!
  • Events which are top-quality and classy.

Character Traits

Free, family-oriented, educational, community-driven, entertaining, fun, exciting, top-class, high quality, celebratory, 21-goose bump affair

Statement of Purpose

To enhance community life through the promotion, support and implementation of high quality community-wide events and programs in Grover, Cleveland County and surrounding towns.